Live Life Healthy Healthcare

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Your partner in Health Management Plan

LLH Healthcare offers innovative employee health care plans and cutting-edge telemedicine services, making us a leader among healthcare management companies in Alabama,

Career based – fully insured – limited benefit medical plan. State licensed and Actuarial certified.

Premium deducted pre-tax. Tax savings pays full cost of plan, resulting in larger employee paycheck.

Plan is fully compliant with long standing section 125 IRS guidelines and all IRS guidance.

Healthier Employees Means Healthier Employers and Businesses

Healthy employees are absolutely critical to sustaining a healthy business. When employees are healthier, they’re happier, more productive, and better equipped to enjoy their lives both on and off the job.

Cost-Efficient Health Benefit Solution

Live Life Healthy is a preventive health plan for both employees and employers, providing zero-cost health benefits to maintain a healthy workforce

LLH’s Pre-Tax Healthcare Plan

The Live Life Healthy plan enables employees to use pre-tax dollars for qualified health care expenses under Section 125 of the IRC tax code. Which results in lower taxable income and receives larger paychecks.

Caring for You Every Step of the Way

The “Live Life Healthy” plan offers a comprehensive healthcare package, featuring top-tier telemedicine, screening, testing, coaching, and more. It provides essential tools for a healthier life in a user-friendly package.

Win-win Wellness

 Employees see a boost in their income, and companies experience greater profitability. This creates a win-win scenario where everyone benefits and enjoys improved health.